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Treatment for Deflated-Looking Breasts—Breast Lift Vs Implants

Breasts develop a deflated and sagging appearance as women grow old.  This appearance may be remedied by a push-up bra, however sometimes plastic surgery is the more apt option if a more permanent solution is needed.

On the contrary, sagging breasts are not remedied by using breast implants solely, most especially using large implants which may further worsen the existing ptosis (sagging appearance).  The more applicable solution for the problem should instead by mastopexy or otherwise known as breast lift, done by many plastic surgeons in LA.

Breast implants, the insertion of which is done by many plastic surgeons in LA, would prove more beneficial over mastopexy, likewise a procedure performed by plastic surgeons in LA, for women that have pseudo-ptosis.  Psuedo-ptosis is when the upper poles of the breasts look flat and deflated. It is not a real case of dropping however.

The nipples in pseudo-ptosis differ from the real ptosis in the sense that the nipples are not near or go beyond the crease of the breast.

Using implants, doctors are then able to make volume most especially in the breasts’ upper poles.  Round implants are suggested since they appear full. This goes against a common notion that round implants result to unnatural, dome-shaped mounds. With the proper surgical techniques used in this breast augmentation procedure, that can be avoided.

Most especially for patients with limited tissue and fat, LA plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smaili suggest the use of silicone implants in breast augmentation to avoid breasts that feel and look unnatural.

“Silicone implants are filled with a cohesive gel that almost feels like the real thing.  By contrast, saline implants—which are filled with a sterile mixture of water and salt—may result to unusually round breasts particularly if there is little amount of tissue.  However, there is no difference in result between saline and silicone implants if a patient has ample amount of breast tissue and fats,” explains Smaili.

For patients who have both deflated-looking and sagging breasts, they are encouraged to have breast augmentation that involves mastopexy with implants.  The operation involves the doctor lifting the sagging breasts and placing implants.  The implants are usually inserted in the upper poles to have a full appearance.

On the contrary, a surgery with both mastopexy and implant surgery does not necessarily require longer recovery.  The procedure may be done with fewer incisions and therefore less scars.

“If mastopexy alone is used, it is often necessary to apply more incisions to create a lifting effect.  However, we may use fewer incisions if the surgery is complemented with breast implants,” explains Smaili.

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