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Meet Dr. Saul

Dr. Saul Lahijani grew up in Southern California, where he attended the University of Southern California after graduating from high school. During his matriculation at USC, he excelled in the science fields which led him into the medical field. He continued his medical education at Ross University, where he finished among the top of his class.

Following medical school, his journey towards the surgical field began as he started a surgical internship at St. John’s Hospital, located in Detroit, Michigan. Once his internship was completed, he moved on to Yale University /SMH, where he served as Chief Resident from 2003-2004. As his interest heightened through taking more and more plastic surgery cases, he went on to do another fellowship, this time in Burn and Reconstructive surgery at Vanderbilt University in 2004.

His passion for Reconstructive and Cosmetic surgery led him to a third residency, again at Vanderbilt University, considered one of the top surgical programs in the country. Throughout this residency, he had the opportunity to work with some of the top plastic surgeons, not only in Nashville, but also in the country, including Dr. Bruce Shack, Dr Kevin Kelly (President of the MaxilloFacial Society), Dr. Kevin Hagen and and Dr. James Madden.

He also had the opportunity to learn from some of the most recognized breast surgeons internationally, such as Dr. Jack Fisher and Dr. Patrick Maxwell. Dr. Lahjijani further expanded his studies internationally by attending a cosmetic plastic surgery fellowship in Barcelona, Spain, under Dr. Javier De Benito, considered one of the top cosmetic surgeons in all of Europe. He has combined all of his prior training and rigorous experience, along with his countless years of study, to provide his patients with world class care, ethical medical care, and undeniable skill.


Creating beautiful and natural results

A good plastic surgeon walks a fine line between the Hippocratic ideal of “doing no harm” and giving the patient what he or she asks for. Obviously, the surgeon should put the health and safety of the patient first in deciding whether or not to accommodate a patient’s request for a particular procedure. Ethics dictate that he or she would not perform any procedure without the written consent of the patient. Nor would the surgeon perform surgery on a minor without the consent of his or her legal guardian(s).


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